So, What exactly do you do?

Basically, I talk with people about the areas in their life and business that they would like to change, quickly.

Specifically we focus on how they can apply their strengths towards getting the results they want, from career progression, achieving personal goals or just self discovery leading to a better, holistic quality of life

My methods vary depending on your specific needs, so frequency and commitment to action will be discussed and mutually decided before we commence anything.

My means of engagement include Video Conferencing and Phone Catch Ups.

If you happen to live in Australia, I would be more than happy to arrange a Face-toFace catch-up where possible


What are your credentials?

I have devoted over 15 years of my life to the study of human behaviour, effective sales techniques and delivering superior customer experiences.

Further more, I immediately applied all of my learnings directly into the workplace for some of Australia’s most iconic and prestigious brands.

This has allowed me to closely assess what works, what doesn’t and what just needed a little tweaking.

I let my proven results speak to my capabilities.

No matter the industry, no matter the market, I have successfully demonstrated my ability to drive both individual and teams’ towards double digit growth, year-on-year.

I do have formal qualifications in Training & Assessment, Business Management (Hospitality Specialty), Neurolinguistic Programming and Positive Applied Psychology.

As a guide, which areas can you help our Business and Teams?

Aligning Goals and Activity, Developing Key Business Strategies, Building Customer Engagement & Loyalty, Sales Team Effectiveness & Efficiencies, Internal Communication and Culture, Strengths Discovery and How to Effectively Work Together


Grab a seat…

Real Estate, Energy, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Hospitality & Tourism, Retail, B2B, B2C, Call Centre Sales & Support Management and Hair and Beauty

25+ Years in F&B, Hospitality

20+ Years in Team Management

15+ years in Sales Management

What ARE YOUR FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS in how you approach your profession?

Strengths based coaching - Identify & Leverage what makes us great

Positive psychology - Creating an opportunity rich environment

Consultative style management - Let’s Work together and Win together

Results based activities focused on results/goal - Focus on what really matters