Using Personal Assessments to Define Your Personal Brand with Sean Scoffield

If you've ever asked yourself, "what's my brand?" or you've taken the StrengthFinder 2.0 assessment and wondered what it means, this podcast is for you.

First of all let me just say that I am incredibly sorry for the low quality of my microphone in this particular segment. But if you can get past that, this is actually an awesome Podcast segment that I did with Ryan Rhoten out of Colarado, USA

Besides being a really awesome, genuine fella, Ryan Rhoten is the Author of CareerKred, an incredible Presenter, Digital Marketing Guru and Story Brand Guide.

Ryan also hosts a series of Podcasts = The Brand New You Show, Build Your Own Brand and The Career Tech Podcast

In Episode 128 of The Brand New You Show, I had the fortunate privilege of joining Ryan to discuss my method of pulling together the results from personal assessments into one comprehensive document that creates a “tapestry” of your brand.

We also talk about how varying assessments tend to fit into particular parts of your life, but together they can create an incredible vision board for you to clearly develop your own personal brand statement.

The Assessments we cover are

  • Strengthsfinder 2.0

  • The Fascination Personality Assessment

  • VIA Character Strengths

  • Personal Brand Assessment

  • The Stand Out Assessment

You can Watch it HERE

or Listen to it HERE

If you are someone who is struggling to figure out what to do with your Personal Assessment Results, drop me a line and I will gladly set aside some time to help you along.